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Ballet, Modern, and Israeli Dance
Tizmoret Shoshana
Two week overnight arts camp dedicated to the Expressive Arts. It provides a nurturing, Torah-observant environment where Jewish girls ages 11 – 19 pursue their artistic interests, develop their talents, make new friends, and grow spiritually and emotionally. For 15 years, Tizmoret Shoshana has been offering campers the experience of a lifetime – friendship, a family of like-minded spirits, inspiration, and excellence in the expressive arts.

Girls have an opportunity to integrate the Jewish experience, Torah thoughts, and personal reflections with their art, while learning basic and advanced skills. Tizmoret Shoshana accommodates both girls with little or no art experience and those who are at highly advanced levels in their art form. The only requirement is a desire to spend two weeks immersing oneself in creating, learning, and sharing in the arts.

Tizmoret Shoshana is named in memory of Rebbetzin Shoshana Poupko Feldman z”l, who led shiurim for many years and served as one of Tizmoret’s scholar-in-residence. A true Renaissance woman, Rebbetzin Feldman was a brilliant Torah scholar, dynamic speaker, and accomplished pianist. She was learned in all areas of Tanach, and gave one of the longest running shiurim (Torah classes) in Baltimore. Her leadership, insight, and creativity inspired Tizmoret Shoshana and all who were blessed to know her.
Under the guidance of a dynamic professional faculty, Tizmoret Shoshana provides training in the following art forms:

Music Programs
  • Chamber Music Program

  • Choir Program

  • Vocal Music Program

Visual Arts and Environmental Arts Program
Drama and Puppetry Program
Creative Writing Program
Dance Program