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Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Workshop

“It's itching at my fingers, and poking out my ears
Tickling my tongue-tip, like a taste that isn't there.
It's eating at my pencil, and gnawing on my brain
If I don't write this story now, I may just go insane!”

During the two weeks at Tizmoret, the Creative Writing Workshop will focus on helping campers get stories from their head to their pen. Learning about plots, developing characters, editing dialogue, and participating in flash-writing exercises will get their creative juices moving.

Other aspects of writing covered by Creative Writing Majors and Minors include:

  • Poetry — Have some fun with verses you are already familiar with, and experiment with some new ones. Learn some formulas that you can use anytime, anyplace to create a magical mixture of sounds, words and meaning.
  • Short Story — Funny, scary, silly, autobiographical...300 words, 200 words...
  • Words — What makes a word effective? What makes a word fun? Compose lists and lists of handy words to keep in your pocket in case of an emergency.
  • YOU! — Discover your writing style, and learn how make your mark on your work!

Our Faculty:

  • 2018, Elisheva Kiewe Leventhal:  Creative Writing Instructor
  • 2010-2017, Chana Chava Perton Ford:  Published Author, Instructor of English Literature, Bais Yaakov School of Denver


Sat, July 11 2020 19 Tammuz 5780